Screen Printing Workshop!

On the bright side, we will definitely be having our screen printing workshops soon! So mark your calendars and get ready to have fun! Advertisements

Sean McCabe Workshop

I’m getting so excited for the Hand Lettering workshop we’re hosting this Thursday. We’ll be learning from the amazing hand letterer Sean McCabe Hope y’all reserved a spot!

Event Update

Hey People, It’s time for an update on all the events coming up. Tonight: We’re having a critique night in Trustee 108. Bring anything you want for peer review! February 28th: Come to the Hand Lettering workshop with Sean McCabe in Fleck 204. March 1st: Command G officer applications are due! Just do it, you…

October 27th Workshop RESCHEDULED

We are sad to announce that the screenprinting workshop for tomorrow (October 27th) has been rescheduled. The art department is using the room for portfolio reviews.   We have rescheduled this workshop for November 2nd (NEXT FRIDAY). And don’t forget the last one scheduled for Saturday, November 3rd as well. Hope to see y’all there!

Screenprinting Workshop TOMORROW

SEE Y’ALL TOMORROW at 1 for the screenprint workshop! It’s going to be awesome! We’ll be printing this Saturday at 1 as well! 

Screenprinting Workshop

Come screenprint/help/eat/chill with us on 10.26, 10.27, and 11.3 at 12pm in Arts 110. Expert hours people!

Feliz Workshop & Giveaway

Here’s an expert hours opportunity. A collaborative effort between Abby Powell and Natalie Davis. Feliz Workshop & Giveaway will be held November 2nd-4th. Nov 2nd is the meet and greet part, Nov 3rd is the artisan-lead workshops, and then Nov 4th is the holiday sale.

This summer in Michigan: Open Book Workshop

“Defining the term “book” loosely, as a vehicle for visual or verbal content that is organized into “sections,” this intensive ten‐day workshop will challenge overly simplistic, even fatalistic, ideas about the demise of physical books by stressing instead the ways novel renditions of physical and digital and hybrid “books” carry meaning.”  Information about this 10-day…