Sign Painter Movie and Book

Keep your eyes peeled for an Austin showing of The Sign Painter Movie documented by Faythe Levine and Sam Macon. It looks amazing, I cannot wait. Already bought the book too, oops.

Sean McCabe Workshop

I’m getting so excited for the Hand Lettering workshop we’re hosting this Thursday. We’ll be learning from the amazing hand letterer Sean McCabe Hope y’all reserved a spot!

The E-Mail Interviews: James T. Edmondson

Hi all! We’re back with the second in our series of e-mail interviews. Sorry it took so long! As it turns out, people are just as anti-social digitally as they are in real life. But out of the ashes of silence rose a burning phoenix of insight and information: James T Edmondson. If you aren’t personally…


Check out Banksy. Netflix has a cool documentary about this street art called Exit Through The Giftshop available to watch instantly too if you happen to have an account.

Creative Characters

Since we haven’t had any recent responses for our email interviews, check out this one by! It’s a pretty cool interview with Brazilian type designer Eduilson Wessler Coan.

Sony Music Timeline

Check out this Sony Music Timeline. It celebrates 125 years of musical history covering almost 150 square meters of wall space in Sony’s Derry Street Offices. Well done Alex Fowkes. Cut vinyl is the medium people, we have the ability to do this!

We Love Typography

welovetypography features some pretty cool type posters…imagine that!  


This makes me want to go to Portugal. This photostream of found type is awesome!