Don’t Forget to Submit

Y’all. Don’t forget to submit (ANYTHING) to our T-shirt contest. There is no theme, so any of your doodles, sketches, projects, designs, etc. will work. There’s literally no excuse not to try, so I expect to see a zillion submissions tomorrow night. You never know, your design could become a T-shirt in the near future!

October 27th Workshop RESCHEDULED

We are sad to announce that the screenprinting workshop for tomorrow (October 27th) has been rescheduled. The art department is using the room for portfolio reviews.   We have rescheduled this workshop for November 2nd (NEXT FRIDAY). And don’t forget the last one scheduled for Saturday, November 3rd as well. Hope to see y’all there!

Screenprinting Workshop TOMORROW

SEE Y’ALL TOMORROW at 1 for the screenprint workshop! It’s going to be awesome! We’ll be printing this Saturday at 1 as well! 

Screenprinting Workshop

Come screenprint/help/eat/chill with us on 10.26, 10.27, and 11.3 at 12pm in Arts 110. Expert hours people!

Summer doesn’t have to be over yet…

Hello friends! The annual Command G design contest is back! Join us at 12pm in TH108 for friends, snacks, and a way to get your creative juices flowing. Designs need to be 18in by 24in, have 1-2 colors, and relate to our summer camp theme. Designs are due on October 4 at midnight.

Inspiration for our Summer Camp Theme!

Deep in the archives of This American Life (not that deep, its one of their favorites), we found an episode about why Camp is so alluring to kids and what makes it so special. It is also from the late 90s, so maybe one of you were interviewed for this. Anyway, you can find the link…