Design Seeds

Who wants some great color palette resources?  Try design-seeds or colour lovers, they’re great! Advertisements

The Dieline

What a great resource for package design.

The E-Mail Interviews: James T. Edmondson

Hi all! We’re back with the second in our series of e-mail interviews. Sorry it took so long! As it turns out, people are just as anti-social digitally as they are in real life. But out of the ashes of silence rose a burning phoenix of insight and information: James T Edmondson. If you aren’t personally…

Inspiration for our Summer Camp Theme!

Deep in the archives of This American Life (not that deep, its one of their favorites), we found an episode about why Camp is so alluring to kids and what makes it so special. It is also from the late 90s, so maybe one of you were interviewed for this. Anyway, you can find the link…