Feliz Workshop & Giveaway

Here’s an expert hours opportunity. A collaborative effort between Abby Powell and Natalie Davis. Feliz Workshop & Giveaway will be held November 2nd-4th. Nov 2nd is the meet and greet part, Nov 3rd is the artisan-lead workshops, and then Nov 4th is the holiday sale. Advertisements

Great Space Race by Dropbox

Hey people, you’ll want to capitalize on this. Earn free Dropbox space for everyone at your school! As of now we can get an extra 3 GB of space for 2 years. As more St. Edward’s students that sign up, the amount of FREE space we can receive increases.

Hipster Words

Ale Paul’s statement of his mindset while creating the typeface Hipster Script is interesting. Image Methodology people should check this out since y’all are creating your material typefaces right now; it’ll be helpful! & I’m lovin Jon Parker’s creative phases on these posters!