Business Card Designs

I found this cool post where they feature some really interesting and fun business card designs. Here are some of the examples.   If you want to see the rest┬ácheck out the blog here!!! Designing a Business Card: 50 Awesome Case Studies (And What You Can Learn From Them)  

Women Empowerment Logo!

Hey guys, The Women Empowerment organization on campus is looking for someone to make a standard logo so that they can make shirts and table cloths. If you are interested in this please contact: Manisha Verna at        

Outer Space Themed Poster Sale!

The Outer Space Themed Poster Sale is going to be Monday through Wednesday, from 11 to 2. We’re going to be outside the bookstore, so be sure to come by!

Screen-Printing and Riso Workshops!

Hey everyone! Join us for ┬áthe Screen Printing and Riso Workshops. We will printing posters and postcards for our upcoming poster sale. This is also a great opportunity to learn how to screen print and use the very awesome Riso printer. The first workshop is next weekend, Nov 1 and 2. Hope to see you…