Apply to be an Officer!

Begin your application here: Do you have what it takes to plan studio tours, workshops, and sales? Are you passionate about graphic design? Begin your application to apply and design a mock poster for a Christmas party to show us your design skillz! All information is on the poster! Send your mock poster

Screen Printing Workshop!

On the bright side, we will definitely be having our screen printing workshops soon! So mark your calendars and get ready to have fun!

Poster Sale Cancelled & One Other Thing…

Hey Y’all! We will no longer be holding a Halloween poster sale due to some unfortunate problems. (I know we are sad too.) Also our email is no longer working so if you need to contact us, please send us a message through our social media. Updates will be coming soon!

Halloween Poster Sale Postoponed

Hello everyone! We’ve been having a few technical difficulties so the Halloween Poster sale will be postponed for today.  We apologize to those who submitted their designs.