vendors we love

General Art Supplies
Art Store at the Co-op (everything, 20% student discount!)
Jerry’s Art-o-Rama (everything, including screenprinting supplies)
Asel Art
Miller Blueprint (pins, pens, clips, screenprinting supplies)
Paper Source (paper, pens, stamps, craftyness)

Printing, Lasering, Stamping
Capital Printing Co, contact: Deidre Acord (large jobs, digital and offset)
Miller Blueprint (prints transparencies)
Sixth Street Printing (smaller projects, glue binding, trimming paper)
Vertallee Letterpress
Capital Rubber Stamp (custom stamps)
Abbey Printing (custom stamps)
MAKEatx (Laser etching/cutting services, memberships available)
Banner Sign Graphics (large format and vinyl, Debbie is contact)

O-K Paper, contact: Judy Schultz (stocks most paper from sample books in TH108, delivers to St. Edward’s)
Precision Camera (inkjet papers)

Holland Photo (film, developing/printing)
Precision Camera (new & used equipment, repairs, inkjet papers, developing/printing)
Eurotech (camera repair, call (512) 479-5090)
Lomography (Lomo brand film, cameras, developing/printing)

AJL (screenprinting services, can order blank t-shirts)

silkscreeningsupplies (screenprinting)
Talas (bookbinding)

Product Design
Quonset Hut (military surplus supplies)


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