command G + community

command G loves our Austin community. Which is why, even as college students, we’re committed to helping out our members, St. Edward’s students, and the community. 

Each year, we donate to the Graphic Design Senior Show, most recently OFFSET, the class of 2012. Students have a limited budget to make gallery signage, cater food for the opening reception, and send out invitations. By increasing the budget, we help increase the reach of the St. Edward’s graphic designers.


We also donate portions of proceeds from t-shirt and poster sales to worthy causes. In Spring 2011, we donated a portion of our Texas T-shirt Sale profits to Urban Roots, a local non-profit farm that works with at-risk youth in East Austin. In Fall 2012 in response to the devastating Bastrop fires, we held a Fire Relief sale featuring a limited-edition Fire Relief Print. We donated $200 to the Central Texas Red Cross.

We’ve also volunteered at the Blanton Museum of Art, and use eco-friendly inks, paper, and shirts. Have a project idea for us? Just send us an email!


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