Moment right when….

When you want to use the lab and there’s a class going on:


When you don’t know how to use a tool in Illustrator/Photoshop:Image

And then Tuan explains you how to use it along with 6 other ways to achieve what you want:


And that moment Tuan shows you the easiest/fastest way to do something in Illustrator/Photoshop:


The moment you don’t know how to use the Vinyl Cutter:Image

Or the Riso:


But then you magically figure it out:


When you are sick of the vending machine and cafeteria food but you are too busy working on a project:


When someone in your class always comes up with a badass design:Image

But then someone compliments your design:Image

When your friend did a bad design but you don’t know how to tell them:Image

 8am Interaction Design:


When you are asked to explain why you chose those colors and elements for your design:


When you are told the project is a GROUP project:Image

And finally.. when Tuan answers your question… WITH ANOTHER QUESTION!ImageImageImage



Good luck with your final projects you got this!






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